Secure your privacy and professionalism with our Birmingham PO BOX service at our prestigious address Number8 including free collection, free scanning/sending and optional forwarding to UK/EU addresses all for a low one-off £99.98 + VAT Annually

Why does a business need a PO Box service?

  • Prestigious Birmingham PO Box - show your clients/customers you mean business without the overheads - use our address instead.  No need to add PO Box to the address - only use your company name which adds to the address looking professional.

  • To keep your residential address private (so it is not shown on the public register/website etc).

  • Stops unsolicited junk mail. It’s your choice – either we share all mail or we filter Junk Mail so you only get your company’s official mail.

  • If you have a rental contract restriction - many rental contracts don’t allow the landlord’s address to be used a registered office.

  • To ensure occasional mail is stored/handled quickly whilst you might not be in the country - utilising multiple Birmingham PO Boxes as you need (one for each company for example).

Why use Number8 PO Box service?

  • Your company can use our prestigious office address: Number8, The Pavilions, Cranmore Drive, Solihull, B90 4SB - no need for a specific PO Box number!

  • Included in the PO BOX cost we will scan and email all mail to you the same day we receive it (or you can collect it for free)

  • We have a clear postage policy for forwarding mail received to you so you don’t pay more than you need to (as a lot of providers charge a high monthly flat fee) – details here.

  • We deliver real value compared to regional competitors (for example Regus charge £324 per year and Grosvenor charge £300 per year) - we charge a flat rate of £99.98 + VAT (£119.98 inc. VAT) for 1 year - no introductory rates or promotions - just great value year in year out.

  • You can contact our friendly team anytime via phone, email or in person.  To contact us today click here to be taken to our contact page

Proof of ID

As part of Know your Customer and Anti Money Laundering regulations, we are legally obliged to check proof of ID and address. Please check the documents that we require on this link.

Located outside of the UK?

We support clients based across the globe, we will require ID and address proof in your resident country along with evidence that you are entitled to use the company name.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us.

What is a PO Box?

Our PO Box service operates in the same way as our registered office address service - we receive post that is sent to your business/PO Box and process according to your wishes.

What is a registered office address?

Like a natural person, a company has a ‘home’ address, where legal documents and notices may be served. This address is known as its registered office and, among other things, determines the company’s VAT and corporation tax office and the tax office dealing with any PAYE. This is the official address for serving of official notices, including notice of court actions against the company to recover monies owed.

When a company is formed, there is an obligation to register information with the Registrar of Companies, and subsequently to register changes to this information. This will include the names and address of the persons forming the company and the company’s registered office.

Are there any limitations?

Using our services we can only accept post delivered via the mail service (Royal Mail), unfortunately we are unable to accept parcels or deliveries via other providers.

All post we receive is processed according to your wishes - either scanned/sent, held on for your collection (maximum of 3 months or 100 letters) or sent on to an alternative address (charges apply).

We don't accept product returns or other returned items - our service is intended to be used to handle regular mail only - we can offer this service so if you are interested in product return address or returned item address services then contact us today.

If you are interested in using our address to receive parcels/returns then please contact us to discuss.

Can I have more than one company use your PO Box service?

Certainly. You can purchase one Birmingham PO BOX service for each of the companies you wish to use our address for - remember no need to include a PO Box within the address you use with us!

Can I email my documents first to check whether it will be accepted?

Yes, please contact us in advance.  We will share a secure link to upload/share your ID/Address documents for review prior to starting a service should that be necessary, alternatively we can advise over the phone.