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How to choose the right coworking space for your startup

How to choose the right coworking space for your startup

When it comes to finding the right office space to use, many startups now are choosing co-working spaces. This is because they offer fantastic cost savings and greater opportunities to network when compared to traditional offices.

To get all the benefits that this kind of working space offers though, you need to choose the right coworking space.

But what should you think about first when doing this?

1. Make sure it comes with the features you need

The key thing here is that you must prioritise facilities that your startup needs - not things that you may want. Free coffee, for example, may be a nice extra but you should not choose a coworking space only for this. If it does not have the high-speed Wi-Fi you need or access to meeting rooms that are a must, it will not be right for you. A really good tip, therefore, is to list what you need from coworking spaces beforehand and then choose one which meets these requirements.

2. Check out the cost, culture and location

Taking the time to check out both the location and culture any shared office space comes with is key. Do not just sign-up based purely on the facilities it has. You need to find a coworking space which fits your own company culture and which will positively impact your business. Location is also important as sharing space in a nice part of town is better for staff and also presents a better image to clients. One very important thing for most startups to consider is also cost. As you may not have much money to play with and want to spend most of it on growing your business, you should shop around for the best deals.

3. Think about the future

While you will be looking for a coworking zone which meets your current requirements, it is crucial to think further ahead as well. Some coworking membership agreements can be tough to get out of after signing up. If your startup explodes and outgrows the space before the agreement is up, this can see you working somewhere which is no longer suitable. To get the right space, try to think about how your business may grow in the future and select one that can keep up.

4. Coworking spaces are ideal for startups

This kind of working space is perfect for startups but only if you get the right one. As the above shows, there are a few handy tips to take on-board when selecting the shared space you will use. If you are ready to try out coworking for your startup,

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