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What Is A Business Address Service And What Does It Do?

What Is A Business Address Service And What Does It Do?

Every company in the UK needs a registered business office address. In addition to this, individual company directors are required to provide a UK-based service address to Companies House. Many business owners and directors are reluctant to use their home address for this purpose, particularly because the supplied office address is a matter of public record. This is where the Business Address Service comes in.

The Business Address Service is commonly used by company formation agents who do not wish to disclose their private details. Here’s how it works:

       You purchase a business address online, usually for a period of one year.

       During the application process, you’ll need to satisfy the provider of the registered office service via a series of anti-fraud checks.

       The address you purchase is placed on public record as the supplied office address of your company and/or its director.

       Mail can be sent to the address you have purchased.

       The Business Address Service can forward important/official mail to a specified address of your choosing. Alternatively, it can be scanned and emailed to you.

1. To avoid disclosure of a residential address

If you’re operating a limited company from home, you can avoid publicly disclosing your residential address by purchasing a registered business office address. This is useful if you want to keep your personal information private.

2. Prevent unwanted callers

There are lots of reasons why company directors want to keep unwanted visitors from visiting their home. For example, if your company is involved in political activity or is part of an industry which some may find controversial, you may feel like your home is at risk of being targeted. Alternatively, you may just value your privacy.

3. Reduce junk mail

Marketers often use business addresses to target potential clients with unsolicited advertising. While consumers are protected from this as part of GDPR regulations, businesses aren’t so lucky. If you want to avoid a slew of junk mail landing at your home address, it makes sense to purchase a business address online.

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