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What is a Virtual office and how can it benefit for your business

NEW In this blog we look at what a virtual office is, what it isn't and of course some of the key benefits.  We explore the different meanings of a virtual office between service providers and explain some of the services you should expect to be made available within any virtual office service.

What is a virtual office?

A virtual office is a term used to summarise a business service that can offer a level of remote working coupled with certain business services. That might sound woolly and.or complicated and that is because different providers offer different services all termed a virtual office.

A virtual office could be one or more of the following:

  • ·        An address to handle your businesses mail – providing a professional address away from your home

  • ·        Meeting space for hire at your business address for meetings, occasional working or for somewhere ahead of an important client meeting

  • ·        Drop in desks / co-working – either a permanent desk (or desks) in a co-working or common area or a business lounge to drop in and work as needed

  • ·        Telephone services – providing a local or national telephone number sometimes coupled with professional answering services / call forwarding

  • ·        Virtual Assistant Services – access to a team of virtual assistants or similar to a part time personal assistant to help manage ad-hoc tasks/regular tasks (such as mail follow up etc)

Of course, some providers bundle together services and include in a monthly fee, others allow a pick and mix approach to ensure you only pay what you need.  At Number8 our virtual offices for example we offer individual value services which can be taken on a flexible basis by our clients – no long tie-ins and no large monthly fee’s.

What isn’t a virtual office?

Its often just as important to understand what something isn’t and when perhaps an alternative option or service is beneficial to your business.

A virtual office is designed to be a stepping stone or a service to help you keep business costs to the lowest, if the virtual office service is costing you significantly more than say a serviced office, co-working or employing a part time assistant then its perhaps time to assess.

A virtual office often carries flexibility in terms of being able to scale up or down the services – not all providers offer this flexibility mind due to contract terms and lengths.

Our virtual office services at Number8 are designed to be flexible – for example co-working desks include mail handling at no extra charge and are available on a rolling monthly contract with only 1 month’s deposit.  Our value based virtual office service is a low annual cost with options to spread payments should that be necessary.

Possible business benefits?

If you have read our other blogs you might already start to see a pattern in terms of the benefits of our services, but in summary a virtual office should provide at least the following 3 core benefits:

  1. 1.      Professionalism – when a prospective client views your business and company address they will infer from that a lot about your company.  Do all you can to make that first impression the best it can be with a professional address.

  2. 2.      Security – you are required to publicise your company address and perhaps director address in a number of places – not least on Companies House.

  3. 3.      Service – if you aren’t always able to manage your post then having a 3rd party manage that for you is essential.  From official notifications through to invoices – a good virtual office provider will scan and share these securely (saving you the time of scanning)

If you are interested in our virtual offices then contact us today or apply directly via this page and click the book now button.

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